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My name is Marsha Petersen, I started My Child care Business when my Oldest Child was 3 & my youngest was almost 2 yrs old. I made this decision after moving back to Omaha from Fremont. We moved to Fremont in October of 1990 my oldest was 2 1/2 my youngest then was 3months. This was an eye opener for me because I always had family to watch my oldest son so I never had to look for child care until then.  Needless to say I had some bad experience with a child care there. Then I found another child care provider and I thought was a Great place & they attended there for almost a year. I found out later that it wasn’t as great as I thought.  I had to take a little time off because of a car accident.  While on leave from my job the Opportunity to move back to Omaha presented itself.  We purchased my Great Grandma’s house & moved back to Omaha in January of 1992.  My husband & I discussed me going back to work off & on then I was released by the Dr’s so now it was time to get serious about what I was planning to do.

  I then decided I really Loved being home with my boys & we were discussing having another child so after the “ah ha” moment of why don’t I do child care because I love children it would be a perfect oportunity. It was a win win for all, I was able to stay home with my boys & also be able to provide a service for those who weren’t as lucky as me to be able to stay home. I became licensed in July of 1992 & Started watching children right away.  My daughter was born in April of 1993 & I continued to do child care there for 7 years. We needed a bigger home & I wanted my child care to be more structured & in its own space so we moved in Aug of 1999.  After being here for a year I finally got my Child care area set up. I kept doing child care that first year in the upstairs area of my home which I still do some times.    

  My husband & I just celebrated 28 years of marriage. My children are now grown. Jack Jr. is 25, Jeffrey is 22 almost 23, Kaitlyn is 20. I have one dog an English springer spaniel his name is Rocky & he is almost 3 years old.  He loves attention & he loves the kids because they provide attention lol. My daughter lives @ home while she is attending college to be a nurse. So I have been in child care for 21 years as of this July. I was also A foster Parent to 2 beautiful children for 2 ½ years. Even though there have ups & downs in this job I honestly couldn’t see myself doing anything else, I enjoy the kids and their families most of all.

This Is My Job


  • The Most Glamorous      
  • Allow Me to Travel to Exotic Places
  •  Make Me Rich & Famous



I Do Believe That I Have The Most Important Job Of All!!!!


  • I Get To Play
  • I Get To Teach & Also Learn New Things Each Day



  • To Get To Spend Time With The Most Important, Special People  In Your Lives.     
  • These Little People Are Our Future



  • To Be one Of The Most Important People  In Their Lives
  • To Teach Them 123’s & ABC’s
  • To Hug Them
  • To Hold them
  • To Keep Them Safe
  • To Love & Nurture Them While The Parents Are Away



  • There Is A lot Of Things That Go Into Child Care 
  •  This Is My Heart & Sole
  • This Is My Passion
  • They Are The Future

 This Is My Job As A Child Care Provider               

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